Yoga- Group- One Month Pass
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Yoga- Group- One Month Pass

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Class Description:

Yoga Basics

This class helps to build the foundation of a safe and fun yoga practice. The emphasis of the class is on safe alignments, multiple variations of postures, and finding your personal practice level. Perfect for those that are new to yoga or the seasoned practitioners looking to slow down and focus on alignment and breath.

Vinyasa Flow
A dynamic class flowing through postures and focusing on using breath to guide the movements. As we flow through the practice we are building strength and muscle memory for more challenging postures like arm balances. Recommended for those who have a regular yoga practice.

Kids Yoga
A fun class allowing kids to begin to build body awareness and mindfulness. Taking the students through simple breathing exercises and basic postures that allows them to explore how their bodies move with mindfulness.


Instructor: Aubrey M.


Adult Class Schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am

Kids' Class Schedule:

Tuesdays 10:15am

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